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M&M Golf Classic


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Monday, July 30, 2018 at 1:15pm

The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge

4 person scramble --- all golf skill levels welcome

$140 (golf, cart, range balls, banquet, gift bag)

Golfer with Pin

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M&M Premier

Bainbridge Island ACE Hardware - Steve Mikami
Tom & Kazuko Tanigawa

Lead Event

Calvin & Sylvia Reynolds
Gary & Catherine Bylund
Mike & Marcia Delabarre
Richard Nobuyama


Margaret & Bob Moore
Rinaldi Family
Charlie Galante & Ty Smith w/ Morgan Stanley
Jane, Sue, Ellen & Dale Tanigawa


Everett Clinic

$500 Hole

Sharon Mar
The Boss Family
Gary E. Heyamoto, DDS
Mike & Diane Johansson

Putting Contest

Ron & Clare King

$300 Hole

Jody Clovis
Mary Kay Mar
Butterworth Funeral Home
Deanna Mar
Michael & Gail Parker
Jan & Glenn Gokami

Long Drive Contest

Jenifer Kimura & Mike Nakano
Steve & Miranda Kato


Ron & Viv Yorita
Ron & Viv Yorita
Naoko Ulstein
Christine Katayama
MAW Charities

$100 Hole

Bruce & Iris Ito
Mutual Fish Company, Inc.
Dale & Shiz Kaku
Rodney Namba
Kendall & Deana Mar

Golf Rules  (we hate rules but...)

Golf Event Format:  The competition format is a four-person scramble. In this format, each golfer hits from the appropriate tee box (men from white tees, women from gold). The team decides which of the four ball locations to use and each golfer hits from that position. This process is repeated until someone hits their ball into the cup. The team captain will record the gross team score for that hole. Please do not put scores relative to par, ie. -1. Turn in your scorecard to Ron Yorita or Richard Miyauchi immediately following your round in the cart return area.

A minimum of 3 drives for each team member must be used during the round. The maximum score for a hole is a bogey (1 stroke more than par). When you reach a bogey, please pick up your balls and proceed to the next tee-box.

Placement of Ball:  You may place your ball within one club length of the chosen ball, no closer to the hole and within the same cut of grass. On the green, each golfer must putt from the marked spot.

Licorice Ropes:  Each team member has the option to purchase 34 licorice ropes at 4 for $30. You utilize licorice to move your ball anywhere on the golf course. For instance, if the best putt for the team is 6 inches away on your 3rd stroke, you can tear off 6 inches of licorice, the previous putt is considered made and you record a 3 on your card.

Mulligans:  Golfers have the option to buy mulligans (do-over shots). The price of mulligans is 3 for $20 and is represented by delicious Tsue Chong fortune cookies. One mulligan per golfer per hole.

Read your mulligan fortunes because there are some that deduct one stroke off your final team score. Put your team # on it and turn that fortune in along with your scorecard and we will deduct 1 stroke from your score. Any fortunes turned in after all the scorecards have been collected will not be accepted. Also, you can win a free drink on Richard at the dinner afterwards (not the drink cart) if you get a lucky fortune.

Color Ball:  Each team will be given one brightly colored golf ball. This ball must be played every shot during the round until lost, rotating between teammates on a hole-by-hole basis. For example, player 1 (P1) hits it on hole 1 (H1), P2 on H2, P3 on H3, P4 on H4, P1 on H5, etc. If you forget to use the ball on any stroke, your team is disqualified from this extra competition. If you finish the round with a color ball, please write "CB" on your scorecard and we will deduct 3 strokes from your score. You may purchase insurance color balls for $10 each.  When you lose the original, you may replace it before the next shot. Please note that only 3 strokes will be deducted no matter how many color balls you return.

Threesomes If you have 3 golfers on your team, the color ball will rotate amongst the 3 players as described above, and whomever hits the color ball may also hit another ball so your team is playing a total of 4 balls.

New This YearOn the 13th hole, in order to reduce it's historic bottleneck, there will be a large boxed-off area in the driveable area. If the drive of one of your team's golfers lands in this area, you get to move your ball for free down to the lower level in the designated area.

Golf Contests  (we love contests)

Putting Contest  (11am-1pm at practice putting green behind driving range)

Contestants have the opportunity to hit three putts for $10. There are three distances from which a golfer can choose to putt, with each distance having a different point value.  The golfer with the largest point total wins.  In the case of a tie, a putt-off on the 9th green following the round of golf will determine the winner.

  • 3 ft. putt = 1 point
  • 10 ft. putt = 4 points
  • 25 ft. putt = 10 points

The winner receives an Alderbrook Resort & Spa 1 night stay and a sleeve of customized Pro-V1 golf balls that states you are the M&M Putting Contest champion.

Accurate Drive Contest: (10th hole)

If your tee-shot is closer to the centerline than the current marker location, write your name on the marker and move it to where your ball rests.  The drive must stop within the limits of the centerline rope to be eligible.  In the case of ties, the first one wins.  The use of mulligans isn't allowed for this unisex contest. The winner receives a Seattle Marriott Waterfront 1 night stay with breakfast for 2.

Long Drive (men 18th Hole and women 6th Hole):   

The ball must stop in the fairway to be eligible. If your ball is in the fairway and past the marker, move the marker to your ball and write your name on it. The use of mulligans isn't allowed for this contest.

Closest to Pin (unisex KP on all five par 3s):  

If your tee-shot is on the green and is closer to the pin than the last entry on the marker, write your name and the distance from the front of the cup to your ball. The use of mulligans isn't allowed for this contest.

Chipping Challenge:  (13th back tee-box)

Win a drink on Richard at dinner while you wait to tee off on Hole 13. Instructions on how to do so it posted at the tee-box.  This activity is free to all golfers!


    M&M Golf Classic Foursomes - July 30, 2018
1 A Scott Sakagami, Noriko Ninomiya, Ron Yorita, Viv Yorita
1 B Tom Brewer, Bob Clark, Bob Long, John Templin
2 A Kathy Miyauchi, Mary Okada, Jeanette Imanishi, Heidi Hui
2 B Glen Ikeda, Paul Ikeda, Gene Ikeda, John Shigaki
3 A Mike Shaw, Kyle Olson, Rob Courtney, Hiep Nguyen
3 B Jerry Locke, Bryson Bede, Penny Locke, Lauren Locke
4 A Randy Eng, John Sekijima, Curtis Chew, Jason Wong
4 B Craig Nagao, Gordy Fong, Walt Orzechowski, Jeffery Orzechowski
5 A Gary Kuranishi, Riley Kuranishi, Al Suyematsu
6 A Mike Johansson, Diane Johansson, Roger Buckingham, Lynne Buckingham
6 B Gary Bylund, Catherine Bylund, John Deininger, CarolAnn Omack
7 A Cameron Smock, Shannon Smock, Chris Rose, Rich Martin
7 B Joyce Nakamura, Diane Young, Marji Mar, Julie Chee
8 A Tom Hoshikawa, Molly Angeles, Brian Moon, MJ Mitoma
8 B Patrick Suyama, Anne Suyama, Albert Jong, Denise Tsujii
9 A Dave King, Allison King, Matt Lockett, Jon Gibbs
9 B Josh Barker, Remy Barker, Thomas Pankwiewicz, Barry Kawaguchi
10 A Calvin Reynolds, Richard Miyauchi, Scott Dowling
10 B Brian Namba, Kendall Mar, Dave Fujita, BJ Ong
11 A Glynn Omoto, Mark Shimizu, Zach Dea, Mark Dea
11 B Dan Albertson, Mitch Boss, Mike Frederick, Darrin House
12 A Charlie Galante, Marc Doan, Ty Smith, Jeff Root
12 B Kevin Parker, Art Langlie, Mike Pratapas, Bill McDonnell
13 A Jerry Rinaldi, Janet Rinaldi, Nick Rinaldi, Ryan Rinaldi
14 A Bryon Tokunaga, Denice Tokunaga, Gary Matsudaira, Reed Harder
14 B Kevin Nagai, Rick Takeuchi, Anne Hidaka, Garrett Furuta
15 A Art Funamori, Carmen Valerio, Scot Ishino, Art Oki
15 B Warren Yasutake, Gary Kiyonaga, Lorrie Alfonsi, Bob Hashimoto
16 A Richard Nobuyama, Linda Nakagawa, Mike Nakano, Jenifer Kimura
16 B Michael LaBroscian, Sean Mackin, Tai Merzel
17 A Diane Taniguchi, Dano Lewis, Michael Ko, Steve Woo
17 B Bryan Lewis, Jaret Keniston, Kyle Donohoo, Brian Plowman
18 A Mike Delabarre, Marcia Delabarre, Mitch Delabarre, Dillon Delabarre
18 B Steve McCoy, Georgia McCoy, Dave Cole, Nancy Cole

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