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The Final M&M Golf Classic


M&M Premier

Bainbridge Island ACE Hardware - Steve Mikami
Tom & Kazuko Tanigawa

Lead Event

Calvin & Sylvia Reynolds
Gary & Catherine Bylund
Mike & Marcia Delabarre
Richard Nobuyama


Margaret & Bob Moore
Rinaldi Family
Charlie Galante & Ty Smith w/ Morgan Stanley
Jane, Sue, Ellen & Dale Tanigawa


Everett Clinic

$500 Hole

Sharon Mar
The Boss Family
Gary E. Heyamoto, DDS
Mike & Diane Johansson

Putting Contest

Ron & Clare King

$300 Hole

Jody Clovis
Mary Kay Mar
Butterworth Funeral Home
Deanna Mar
Michael & Gail Parker
Jan & Glenn Gokami

Long Drive Contest

Jenifer Kimura & Mike Nakano
Steve & Miranda Kato


Ron & Viv Yorita
Ron & Viv Yorita
Naoko Ulstein
Christine Katayama
MAW Charities

$100 Hole

Bruce & Iris Ito
Mutual Fish Company, Inc.
Dale & Shiz Kaku
Rodney Namba
Kendall & Deana Mar

The Best Ever M&M Golf Classic!!!!

The sun has gone down on the M&M Golf Classic, but what a sunset it was. Despite the heat, 133 players wore fantastic attire, from 80’s Rockers to Alligator Hunters to Superheroes to Chip & Fails to Castaways from Gilligan’s Island to Duck Dynasty to Hope Against Cancer to Tribute to Michael to a Tiki Party to Hawaiian Muscle to 3 Blind Mice, the list goes on and on. So many teams tricked out their golf carts (see pictures below). And to close it out, Kathy Miyauchi brought the house down in her passionate speech on how the M&M came to be and why it is now time for everyone to take up the banner on their own.

Team Chip & Fail  





Oh yeah, there was a golf tournament. Repeat was the theme, as the defending champions (Glynn Omoto, Mark Shimizu, Mark Dea and Zach Dea) broke the M&M Golf Classic scoring record in cruising to back-to-back titles, Zach Dea repeated as the Long Drive winner, and amazingly, Team Ex-Visio came in 3rd Place for the 4th year in a row. However, everyone came up a winner in our book as laughter ruled.

M&M Golf Classic Hall of Fame  - 2004-2018 Golf Award Winners

Score M&M Golf Classic Results - July 30, 2018
31 Glynn Omoto, Mark Shimizu, Zach Dea, Mark Dea
35 Warren Yasutake, Gary Kiyonaga, Lorrie Alfonsi, Bob Hashimoto
36 Dan Albertson, Mitch Boss, Mike Frederick, Darrin House
38 Calvin Reynolds, Scott Dowling, Richard Miyauchi
39 Gary Kuranishi, Riley Kuranishi, Al Suyematsu
40 Gary Bylund, Catherine Bylund, John Deininger, CarolAnn Omack
40 Michael LaBroscian, Sean Mackin, Tai Merzel
41 Randy Eng, John Sekijima, Curtis Chew, Jason Wong
42 Kevin Nagai, Rick Takeuchi, Anne Hidaka, Garrett Furuta
42 Diane Taniguchi, Dano Lewis, Michael Ko, Steve Woo
44 Scott Sakagami, Noriko Ninomiya, Ron Yorita, Viv Yorita
44 Mike Johansson, Diane Johansson, Roger Buckingham, Lynne Buckingham
44 Bryan Lewis, Jaret Keniston, Kyle Donohoo, Brian Plowman
46 Craig Nagao, Gordy Fong, Walt Orzechowski, Jeffery Orzechowski
47 Richard Nobuyama, Linda Nakagawa, Mike Nakano, Jenifer Kimura
48 Charlie Galante, Marc Doan, Ty Smith, Jeff Root
48 Kevin Parker, Art Langlie, Mike Pratapas, Bill McDonnell
48 Brian Namba, Kendall Mar, Dave Fujita, BJ Ong
49 Jerry Locke, Bryson Bede, Penny Locke, Lauren Locke
49 Bryon Tokunaga, Denice Tokunaga, Gary Matsudaira, Reed Harder
49 Steve McCoy, Georgia McCoy, Dave Cole, Nancy Cole
50 Patrick Suyama, Anne Suyama, Albert Jong, Denise Tsujii
50 Dave King, Allison King, Matt Lockett, Jon Gibbs
51 Josh Barker, Remy Barker, Thomas Pankwiewicz, Barry Kawaguchi
52 Tom Hoshikawa, Molly Angeles, Brian Moon, MJ Mitoma
53 Cameron Smock, Shannon Smock, Chris Rose, Rich Martin
55 Mike Delabarre, Marcia Delabarre, Mitch Delabarre, Dillon Delabarre
56 Glen Ikeda, Paul Ikeda, Gene Ikeda, John Shigaki
56 Mike Shaw, Kyle Olson, Rob Courtney, Hiep Nguyen
56 Joyce Nakamura, Diane Young, Marji Mar, Julie Chee
56 Jerry Rinaldi, Janet Rinaldi, Nick Rinaldi, Ryan Rinaldi
64 Tom Brewer, Bob Clark, Bob Long, John Templin
74 Art Funamori, Carmen Valerio, Scot Ishino, Art Oki
DQ Kathy Miyauchi, Mary Okada, Jeanette Imanishi, Heidi Hui

Signing Off

A heartfelt thank you to everyone for blessing us with 15 years of loving memories and the knowledge that there are so many generous people whose love knows no limits. All Praise to God for surrounding us with awesome friends and family.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Richard, Kathy, Michael, Allison, Dave, Laurie & Little Michael


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